Halloween Treats For Your Little Goblin


We asked Promo Junkies of Etsy members, “What is the thing you love most about Halloween?”  Here are their favorite Halloween shop items for youngsters (or yourself) and how they feel about the holiday.  Get your orders in now for these great goodies before Halloween.  Click on the individual picture for a direct link to that featured item.

headband pumpkinhat2skull earringspumphat3mariohat1

“We are based in NYC, where everyday is Halloween. But on that special day, and weekend, the entire city turns into a parade!”  Mina Lucinda

 “An excuse to buy chocolate candy!  Love greeting neighborhood children and re-connecting with some I have taught in school.”  Susan’s Treasures

“I love the pumpkin beer most! :)”  Apache’s Wife

“I love pumpkin carving and all the candy!”  Add Some Stitches

“I love the local weather and seeing the smiles on my children’s faces to be dressed up and getting candy.”  White Window Creations

Check back each Wednesday for a new collection of themed items from our team members!  Next week will be Halloween For The Home.


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