Halloween For The Home


Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wishlist, a collection of great themed items for your shopping pleasure!  Read below each featured item to see what our Promo Junkies have to share as their favorite Halloween costume ever.  Click on the pictures and be directed to the item for sale to read more about it, heart it, share it….or just go ahead and buy it.  😉

witch centerpiece

“My best costume was a witch — the hostess didn’t even recognize me!”  SewcialStudies101


“The best costume I ever wore was an I Dream of Jeanie costume my sister made me. Loved it!” Cedarwood Creations


“My best Halloween costume was Pammy the Panda (80’s cartoon for anyone old enough to remember…) and my mom made it entirely from scratch. :)”   Kari Renee Designs


“My best costume was being a part of a herd of cows.” Vintage Betty Luke


“My husband was smokey the bear and I was a forest fire. Totally made from scratch. We really get into Halloween and had a lot of fun with it!”   Northbound Salvage


“My best costume was Superman, because my children now think I have super powers.”  Timeless ToyBox 

Check back each Wednesday for a new collection of themed items from our team members!  Next week will be Everything Halloween!


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