Halloween Treats, Without The Tricks


Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wishlist, a collection of great themed items for your shopping pleasure!  Read below to see what our Promo Junkies have to share as their favorite Halloween flick.  Click on the pictures and be directed to the item for sale to read more about it, heart it, share it….or just go ahead and buy it.  😉

spiderpic redskulls pumpkinplate pumpkinhat hauntedhousecard fallpic crayons cicadaprintboopic frankhat pigpincushion

Our favorite spooky movies are, in no particular order:

Hocus Pocus

Idle Hands

Corpse Bride

The Shining

Jeepers Creepers

Edward Scissorhands

Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin


Grab your favorite blanket and a bag of popcorn.  This list should keep you entertained all the way through Halloween!  Come back next week to see a compilation of great hostess gifts for those many holiday parties coming your way.


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