Make-It Monday: Paper Seed Bomb


DIY Paper Seed Bomb

This Earth Day I saw a lovely tutorial for seeded paper bombs and thought, I need to make that ASAP!  
About 3 months later, I got it done.  Well, my son and I got it done. After all a craft this messy and free form should really be shared with the 4 year old in your life!
Step 1: Shred paper and add to a bowl of water
Step 2: squish, swirl, mix paper with water until it gets mushy.
Step 3: Pour paper into a mesh strainer and press out extra liquid.
Step 4: Press paper into a cookie cutter on top of a decent stack of paper towels.  Add Seeds.
Step 5: Gently pull seeded paper out and place on a paper plate in sun to dry out.
 Step 6: Plant into a garden or wrap and give as a gift!
If you have a tutorial to share, visit Promo Junkies of Etsy team (on Etsy, wink) and look for the Make-It Monday thread. 

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