Red Garnet


Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wishlist, a collection of great themed items for your shopping pleasure!  Click on the pictures and be directed to the item for sale to read more about it, heart it, share it….or just go ahead and buy it.  😉


Some New Year’s Resolutions from the members of Promo Junkies:

One of my new years resolutions is to relax more! Not caring so much about the little things and caring about myself more.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be kind to all. My family and I are trying to spend less time with our Ipad’s and electronics and more time playing board games and reading together.

My new years resolution is to do more reading!

My New Year’s Resolution is to do more winter activities, take more time to create art and to live in the moment.

My resolution is to use more face moisturizer…. I’d like to pick “take care of unfinished Projects” but that’s not going to happen.

Please feel free to comment your New Year’s Resolution this year!


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