Featured Artist: Open Heart One Love


I got started making jewelry when I was really young, and I have always been a very crafty person. I love to paint, crochet, and make just about anything. I spent most of my life just making things for other people, and then I heard about etsy. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new. I fell in love with having my own storefront, and supporters, and selling my own creations. It was like a dream come true!


My inspiration for my shop is generally nature, and things I experience. I create things that I would wear myself, I create things that I feel other people would appreciate and cherish. I am inspired by anything from trees, to road trips, to sunsets, to movies, and literature. I guess you could say I am inspired by life.

To be honest, I find creating to be my favorite way to unwind. I spend most days nonstop: promoting, cleaning, baking, schoolwork, housework, studying, couponing, blogging, etc. Creating is when I get to be creative and just enjoy the silence and have nowhere else I need to be.

My fantasy job is to create for a living. I love to write, and currently I am going to school for sociology, and am an honor student. However, if I ever had the opportunity to be successful and make a living off just my art, and the things I create, id count myself very lucky.


My guilty pleasure is the show “Friends.” I watch it every day. If I could watch one show for the rest of my life it would that show. I don’t have cable, but I do have all the friends seasons on DVD

I guess again I am obsessed with Friends, I am in love with it. Another thing is pizza. If I were given one last meal it would be pizza, id eat it all day everyday if I could. My third obsession would have to be, right now, coupons. I love to coupon, and I am pretty good at it too. I think my best trip was $103 before coupons for $30 after coupons. If someone shows me a sale ad, or a high value coupon, I can’t contain myself!

My favorite three etsy shops, right now, would be incredibly hard to decide, but Id have to say the ones that reflect my style the most are:
Mission Catnip Jewlery
Heady Mama Designs


My favorite author is probably got to be Ernest Hemmingway, But I am also pretty obsessed with John Green. And sadly when I read, I get so caught up I finish the book rather fast, no need for a bookmark!

If money was no object I would move to beautiful Amsterdam.

The last movie I watched was, The fault in our stars, and it was beyond great.

If I knew what i know now, I would probably have spent a lot more time promoting and a lot more time perfecting my store. It is a long process and that never stops, but I wish when I started I would have known about support groups and promoting pages, and teams. They have helped me more than I could ever express.


You can find OpenHeartOneLove on ETSY and FACEBOOK


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