Diary of an Etsy Seller: Twitter Parties


A Twitter Party. You may be asking yourself “What the heck is a twitter party?! Is that some weird theme party?” No, it’s not a weird theme party. A Twitter Party, sometimes called a #hashtag party or #hashtag chat is an online get-together to share or chat about a specific topic using Twitter. The twitter party will have a specific hashtag that you’ll use. They usually only last for about an hour- sometimes 30min, sometimes 2 hours.

During a Twitter party, there is a hosting account, or accounts. You should definitely follow the host. Each twitter party is different. Each one has rules- make sure to follow the rules and READ them. The gist of it is, everyone participating in the twitter party will tweet with a specific hashtag- such as #craftshout #shophandmade #buyhandmade #crafthour etc. After you’ve tweeted your item, you’ll want to search for the hashtag within twitter and retweet others who are participating in the twitter party.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.52.25 AM

After you’ve found all the results for your hashtag, make sure to click ALL, not top. This will bring up all the most recent tweets for the party you are participating in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.52.46 AM

When Promo Junkies does twitter parties, we all share our Etsy items- it’s pretty simple. For every 1 item of your own that you tweet, you retweet 2 others. Sometimes there is a max number of items you can share during the party, so be aware of the rules for each twitter party because everyone does them differently!


 First and foremost. Do. Not. Spam. The quickest way to get banned, blocked, hated and not invited back is to spam. Most teams have a “only post 1 item every 3 minutes” rule- stick to that. What you don’t want is to spam your own followers or spam anyone else.

It’s nice to follow your fellow partiers, but usually not required. It’s also good manners to actually TALK to other partiers- even if it’s just a “Hey, I really like this.”


I can tell you why you’d want to party… on twitter. While it doesn’t guarantee you sales, you gain views to your etsy shop and items, it gets your shop out there, you gain twitter followers, and you create backlinks to your items. Exposure! Along with the exposure- you network. You will meet other people, make connections and make some new friends! Just like other forms of promotions, twitter parties are not for everyone, but before you decide they are not for you, you should try it a few times to make sure!

TL;DR: Tweet an item from your etsy shop with the correct hashtag, at the correct time/day, retweet others who are participating. Don’t spam, don’t be a jerk.


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