Featured Artist: designsbysusandbs


1. How’d you get started on Etsy?
A friend wondered why I wasn’t on Etsy yet since I sold via email and facebook and word of mouth. I told her there were too many jewelry designers on Etsy and she said not to worry about the competition since I already have a following. So, I opened my shop.
2. What was your inspiration for your shop?
Don’t really understand the question

3. What’s your favorite shop item and why?
My fav is the pearl and crystals crocheted necklace that can also be a multi wrap bracelet. All white and clear or in colors, still my fav!
4. How do you unwind when you’re not creating?
Watch tv, movies, in love with hgtv, read an piddle on the computer
5. What’s your favorite kind of cupcake?
Devils food cake with white icing (not the mamby pamby whipped topping but the kind made with real sugar!
6. What was your worst job?
Cleaning houses when I was in high school. It took me over 40 years to realize the reason I was so bad was because I was a big picture person and not a detailed person. Don’t hire a house cleaner if they are not detail oriented. Just sayin
7. What’s your favorite cartoon as a kid? As an adult, if you stumble upon it while channel surfing now would you stop & watch?
I never watch them cuz I thought they were too violent even then.


8. What’s your fantasy job?
Hmmm, never thought of that one. Let me think, I am very pragmatic, practical and in the moment. I really don’t know of one, oh , wait, testing out cruises! I love to cruise, yep, that would be me, a tester for the suites on different cruise lines at least 10 times a year!
9. Do you have a secret guilty pleasure?
If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a secret any longer
10. List 3 things you are so obsessed with it is torture to ever say no to.
My son
A kitten that needs a home
11. List 3 of your favorite Etsy shops.
12. Do you have a favorite author? When you read, do you use a proper bookmark, bend the page, or grab anything handy to mark your place?
Too many to name, really but dean koontz is my longest fav. Anything I can find to mark the page but hate to dog ear though I have been known to in a pinch.
13. If money was no object and you can live wherever you want, where would that be?
It’s not the money, it’s the family thing but Alaska is my fav state.
14. What is your best childhood memory?
15. How would you describe your work style?
Eclectic? Not really sure if I even know.


16. If you could choose any one superhero power, what would it be and why?
I Dream of Genie (can you tell I don’t like being boxed in) she could just cross her arms and blink and everything would be done and she could be were she wanted in a blink of the eye.
17. Who are your heroes?
18. What would you do if you won the lottery?
Pay off house and all bills. Buy new car. Give to my church. Build my dream house. Quit my job and hire a full time housekeeper so I never have to worry about picking/cleaning up again (read about worst job, remember!)
19. What was the last movie you watched? Was it good?
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, yes, cuz I love those types of movies. I think I need to watch it again to totally understand it but not before I read the book series.


20. If you knew what you know now, when you first opened your store, what would you do differently?
Join a bunch of helpful groups and follow blogs about advertising, marketing, branding, etc.


You can find designsbysusandbs on Etsy!


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