Diary of an Etsy Seller: Twitter


What the heck is twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. It is an “information network” made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. Similar to posting a status on Facebook, except Tweets can only be 140 characters long.

What are all these symbols and what are they for?!

The @ is like a tag, to talk between other twitter members.  If you post a tweet with @user you can send a tweet to another user. It’s similar to posting on your friend’s wall on facebook. Using the @ will send the user a notification just like tagging someone on facebook.

The # (hashtag) is a way to tag your tweet with a specific tag that others can search. These are probably the most important thing you can add to your tweets. Hashtags on twitter are ranked based on how they are trending.

How is Twitter helpful? 

Promotion and networking of course! Twitter is a great way to network with other tweeps in the twitterverse.


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