Diary of an Etsy Seller: Twitter Parties


Everything you always wanted to know about Twitter parties, but were too afraid to ask!

In order for twitter parties to work, you MUST retweet others. If you do not retweet you will likely be blocked from the parties and not allowed to attend future parties.

What does @ mean, and what about that # I see everywhere??? What is a Twitter party? How do I participate? How does it help me?

All very good questions, and hopefully I will answer them all in this document. If you still don’t understand something, or just have a question I didn’t cover… please post them below 😀

Before I get into the Twitter party, I’d like to explain the difference between the @ symbol and the # symbol.

The @ symbol is a way for you to tag, or “shout out” to a specific person, or account. Just like on Facebook, when you tag someone in a post… it sends the @user a notification that they have been mentioned in a tweet.

The # symbol (and this is the more important one) is a way to perform a search on Twitter. Think of it like the tags you use in your Etsy listings to be found by people searching for your item. When you use the #craftshout, you are not tagging someone specifically, but rather “tagging” your tweet, so that if anyone searches the team/group hashtag your tweet will show up. This is ESPECIALLY important for the twitter parties.

A Twitter party, is really just a set date and time (usually for an hour), in which random people get together on Twitter and re-tweet each other. That simple.

Ready to Join the Party?  You participate by tweeting your own items, directly from your Etsy store and adding the group/team hashtag to them. You tweet ONLY during that set date and time, and ONLY using that specific #.

Now to the re-tweets… in order for everyone to gain maximum exposure, we re-tweet each other. How does that work? During the set date and time, go to the search in Twitter and type in the team or group hashtag such as #CraftShout or #EpicOnEtsy . You will get a list of every tweet in the twitterverse that is using that hashtag. Once the feed starts coming in (and when we have lots of people, it will move FAST) just randomly start retweeting other people’s items. Remember, 2 re-tweets for every 1 of yours. If you would like to retweet more, feel free to do so, but keep in mind Twitter’s limits. You are allowed 100 tweets/retweets per hour for a grand total of 2400 tweets/retweets per day. If you exceed this number you will not be allowed to tweet or retweet for a few hours (also called “twitter jail”).

Be sure to choose ALL TWEETS when you are searching for team/group hashtag, that way you see everyone who used that tag, and not just the popular ones 😀

  • NOTE... it is MUCH easier to participate if you have an auto post program like around.io (so worth it) You can set your tweets ALL up ahead of time, and then just focus on re-tweeting.  Of course, this is optional as most sites like around.io charge for the service.

In addition,you can favorite tweets, or even reply to them. Just remember, anything you want to be visible to other party members it must have the correct team/group hashtag (check spelling! It matters) or it will NOT show up at the party, and you won’t get retweets.

How does this help me???  I cannot give you a 100% positive answer that it will equal sales. I CAN however tell you it will gain you views, likes and even more Twitter followers. Usually I take a screenshot of my shop views before a party, and then again after. The increase is usually in the 300 views range. That is HUGE for exposure. I do know other people have reported sales as a direct result of participating in these parties. Try it, and see for yourself, it is free and only uses an hour of your time 😀

Please Note: Your twitter account MUST be public- if it isn’t, no one can see your tweets and you will not get retweets. Also note, If your twitter account is new, or you have a very low number of followers, your tweets may not show up in the hashtag search- work on building your twitter following.

For #CraftShout and #EpicOnEtsy Parties: The rules are as follows- you have a max of 15 tweets per hour (If the party is longer, you get 15 tweets per hour- not per the entire party. So if the party lasts 2 hours, you get a total of 30 tweets). Retweet at least 2 other tweets per your 1 tweet. Space your tweets out about every 2-4 minutes. Choose different items for each tweet. If you tweet too fast, or keep tweeting the same item you’re likely to be flagged as a spammer and may not get retweets.

For 24 hour Twitter parties: Please keep in mind for the 24 hour twitter parties, the rules still apply. You still have a max of 15 tweets per hour (spaced out 2-4 minutes apart). Twitter has a max of 100 tweets/retweets PER HOUR limit, and a 2400 tweet/retweet max PER DAY limit. Please keep this in mind during these parties so you don’t get put in twitter jail.

Other VERY IMPORTANT Twitter Information: You always want to be working on building your following on twitter. Not only does this help everyone at the parties by bringing new eyes and new potential customers to our items, but it helps build your own following for your brand.

Twitter Party Groups: 




List of helpful Twitter Apps:







(Each of these has a free version, or are free)


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