Diary of an Etsy Seller: Etsy Slang


If you’re new to Etsy, the Etsy slang probably has you saying “uh… What did you just say?!” Here are some very common Etsy slang words that you might run into.

B1G1 or BOGO – Buy One, Get One

BNR – Buy ‘n’ Replace – A treasury, generally done by a team where you buy a featured item and one of your items replaces the spot of the item you bought.

BNS – Buy ‘n’ Stay – A treasury, generally done by a team, where you buy a featured item, and get a spot in the BNS in the next round. Each round is a set time- sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and the shops who “buy in” get a featured spot in the next round.

BOLO – Be on (the) Look Out

Clicks- A Click is a view on an item, it gets the name because you have to click on it for it to count as a view.

Convo – Conversation, a message on Etsy

CTH or CUTH – Caught up to Here, or Clicked to here, used in a promotional game to state you are caught up to a specific place

DC – Direct Checkout or Delivery Confirmation

ETA – Edited to Add

HEP – Helping Etsians Promote – an Etsy group/team

FP – Front Page (of Etsy)

FS – free shipping

FTH – Favorited To Here- Generally used in promotional games to state you’re at a specific place in the game

Hearts – A heart is a favorite. It’s called a heart, because of the red heart icon you see when you favorite something.

ISO – In Search Of

MIB – Mint In Box, The item is in mint condition and still in box.

MTO – Made to Order, an item that is made upon placing the order

MO – Money Order

NOS – new old stock

NWT- new with tag,  (Price tag, manufacturers label sometimes

NIP – New In Package, item is new in package it was sold in – usually cellophane wrap

NIB – New In Box,  item is still in its original manufacturers box, especially important for old games

OOAK – One of a Kind

OP – Original Poster, or Original Post

OTT – Over The Top

PNR – Promote and Replace – Similar to a BNR, but it’s usually hosted by a promotional team. The way you “buy in” is by promoting a featured shop or item (the rules are different for each one).

Post and Run / Post and Runner – A term used to describe someone who signs up for promotional games within a team or group and does not reciprocate

PP – Paypal

RTS – Ready to Ship, Used for items that are already made and ready to ship immediately

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

TNR – Trade ‘n’ Replace – Similar to a BNR, these are generally done by trade teams. The featured shop is traded with, and the shop that traded with the featured shop is featured in the treasury.

TNS – Trade ‘n’ Stay – Similar to a BNS only this is done by trade teams. You trade with one of the featured shops and in the next round, get featured.

Trade – A trade is when two shops agree to “buy” an item (or items) from each other where no money is exchanged, and treated like a regular sale.

VTH – Viewed to Here, used in promotional games to state you are at a specific point


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