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What’s New from ThatsItForLess


Meet ThatsItForLess! Former Financial Director of a Marketing Co. gave up staring at spreadsheets for being more creative. Successful retail business since 2009 inside a larger home decor center, 100% satisfaction rate on Ebay, opened this shop on Etsy for many of my hand painted signs and original art prints plus some gifts and decor items to come.



Christmas Decor


Decorate your home with these festive items! All photos are clickable for more info and let us know down in the comments which one is your favorite!

What’s New From MarlowsGiftCottage


Marlow’s Gift Cottage is full of items to keep the whole family warm. You will find tons of slouchy beanies, flower hats, scarves, and cowls for all ages. Feel free to ask if you need an item in a different color. Thank you for taking time to explore Marlow’s Gift Cottage!


What’s New from SteelandCrystal


Meet SteelandCrystal!

Blending the strength of stainless steel with the beauty of gemstones, glass and crystal beads to create ancient-inspired jewelry and accessories.

I love to create beautiful pieces that would add a little sparkle to your day and tell a story. Specifically, I find beauty and charm in gemstones – these rare products of nature that have inspired mystical lore and legends over the centuries. Whether its the calming affects of Amethyst, the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli or my favourite, Labradorite, said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition when one is experiencing times of conflict and change …every stone has a story .. if you choose to believe it.



What’s New from JKCustomDesigns


Meet JKCustomDesigns!






Autumn Decor


We went searching for the most awesome and handmade autumn decor. Here’s what we found! Leave us a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite!!