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Rainbow Connection!


Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wishlist, a collection of great themed items for your shopping pleasure!  Click on the pictures and be directed to the item for sale to read more about it, heart it, share it….or just go ahead and buy it.  😉

We asked our members to post their items that contained the colors of the rainbow ….  Here are their wonderful items:

il_170x135.451667288_7sc7 il_170x135.534937471_qz75 il_170x135.462732240_dupa il_170x135.584082970_8mes il_170x135.549748852_gnqt il_170x135.529826047_t5vf il_170x135.558945161_bcbi il_170x135.541937532_nvvi il_170x135.469783352_jtyi il_170x135.549574397_8xhh il_170x135.380856600_ldzw il_170x135.494398913_gxob il_170x135.560725723_702p il_170x135.590367714_ilkp